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Thu Mar 29, 2007 8:42 pm

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Just beat FFIII for the second time Chocobo ......... I seriously need to buy some new games for my DS. I never play Nintendogs (a gift from my aunt), i've beaten Trauma center:Under the Knife 1 1/2 times, i've gotten gold medals on all of the recipies on cooking mama, i sold Warioware since i beat that nearly 3 times, and FFIII has been beaten twice as previously stated. Not sure what to buy though. There's a ton of games that are enjoyable to say the least out for the DS right now, and i need to pick one that'll hold me over for a bit. Oh, and then there's of course the issue of money. Never have much of that. At least my birthday's next month, that oughta get me a little cash. Tried getting a job at the local ice cream shop down the street from me but they won't take you unless your 15....... Bunch of bloody retards, i could really get those lines moving since i can actually do math in my head unlike the highschool dropouts that normally work for them. Ah well, i'll try to find some people to mow lawns for or something Ahhh! ....
In other news my friend Aaron's a complete idiot, he's into some slut who's dating one of his friends at the same time....... Which he knows and dosn't care. He says she's a virgin but i doubt that since the other guy was fingering her when we all went to the dollar movies together. And, oh, this is just swell, turns out i'm jealous of this girl and have a bit of a crush on my best friend (Aaron.)
Tonight were havin' Cheesy Chicken for dinner, hopefully that'll cheer me up a bit Sad .
Bed-bath-and bitches
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