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More than Meets the Eye

Fri Jul 13, 2007 7:58 am

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Man I haven't posted in like a year!

Anyway it's sumemr break and I just bought a new LCD monitor for my computer. I have my PS2 plugged into it and it's pretty nice. Other things I've bought over the summer are, comics, games, statues, clothes, the general stuff.

I recently purchased MLB Extra Innings. It's a package where I can watch MLB games that aren't local. It's pretty nice that I can watch other teams play outside of the Mets and Yankees and occasionally the Braves and whoever ESPN broadcasts.

Speaking of the Mets, it's really kind of tough to watch them right now, but I do and will cause I'm a true fan for sure! But they can't score for shit and rely on their pitching to get wins. I hope there will be a trade for maybe a bat or some bullpen help before the playoffs begin. There is still half a season left and hopefully it will be much better than it went in the first half. As far as the Yankees go, it's kind of fun watching them stumbling right now. As an NL fan I really shouldn't worry about them much, but I mostly like to hear the squirming of obnoxious Yankee fans. There is nothing more satisfying than listening to some loud bandwagoning Yankee fan crying and asking to trade this to trade that, to sign this person, to sign that person. Sit down OK? It's 1 year of being bad. Met fans have had years of this shit. Sit down and shut the fuck up. It's 1 year. How fucking spoiled can you be?

Oh yea howabout those Rangers? Signing Chris Drury and Scott Gomez and then resigning Henrik Lundqvist and Brendan Shanahan. I love the Drury signing, but I'm a bit skeptical aout Gomez. Not that's he's not a good player, but he's getting paid a bit too much for my liking. But if he lights it up during the season, I can't really complain much. It's really wonderful that these signings have weakened the rest of teh Atlantic. Buffalo lost Drury as well as Briere to the Sabres. Devils lost Gomez and a key guy in Rafalski. Islanders got rid of Yashin and lost Blake and Smyth. Philadelphia got a bit stronger, but I really don't think they'll get far with Marty Biron in net. Penguins will be the Penguins especially with Crosby. The NHL season is far, but I'm excited. The Atlantic will be one of the most interesting divisions this year.

Summer sucks in that outside of baseball, there is nothing to watch on TV. All the good shows like Heroes and Lost premiere during the fall. Yea I get to make some money, by working, but TV just ain't what it used to be. Playing some WoW. Due to some stupid circumstances, I now rolled Horde. If I get to play with friends I really don't care. Whatever. Been listening to alot of music too. Stadium Arcadium is an amazing CD and I can't get enough of it. Light Grenades by Incubus is slowly creeping back into my playlists. Minutes to Midnight is getting old fast. The songs are good, but for some reason I feel they're getting boring. Maybe I'll stop listening to it for a bit. *shrug* Transformers was amazing. I thought it was easily the best movie of the year right ahead of Blades of Glory. Outside of a handful of movies, most of the summer blockbusters were terrible. Spiderman 3 was absolutely a huge letdown. I can't believe the crap Marvel stuck out there after X3. I guess it really isn't Marvel's fault. Sam Raimi had something up his ass trying to fit a whole bunch of shit into 1 movie. I mean seriously. Stick to 1 thing. Pirates, I heard was an absolute joke, so I didn't even bother watching it. Please. I don't need to see another huge letdown. Here's waiting for Rush Hour 3 and hopefully next year The Dark Knight.

Hopefully I'll get my new computer sometime at the end of the month. I can't wait. Have a great summer.

Much to talk about nothing

Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:07 am

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Haven't updated blog and that's cuase there isn't much to say. I'll make this quick:

-The members of my WoW guild are a bunch of pricks.

-School sucks

-Baseball season is great

-New York Rangers suck

-WTB 60 Rogue on Arthas

-Birthday in 3 weeks(will be 21)

-I'm broke

-Staind and Hoobstank ownz me right now

-Shut the fuck up Kanye West

-X3 is going to be absolutely amazing

-Why are video games so fucking expensive?

-Thinking about getting into a new hobby

-If someone has ESPN Insider and is willing to share it, please let me know

-O.C. season 3 has 4 episodes left

-Yankees suck

That's about it for now I think.

Mets off-season and season assessment.

Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:58 am

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First off, Happy New Year to my chinese brothers. Second, spring training is about 2-3 months away, so I thought I'd give my take of the 2006 NY Mets offseason dealings, their upcomming season, and the team itself.

Ok, the 2006 NY Mets have quite a roster. A few big players have come to the Mets via trade or FA. The biggest names of course being Billy Wagner and Carlos Delgado. Then they went out and got a few decent players to fill some much needed holes such as Catcher, bullpen, and outfield. The Wagner deal was excellent. It addressed the Mets top concern in my opinion. The Mets haven't had a dominating closer in quite some time. Braden Looper was a joke. Benitez.....not even going to go there. Franco was ok, but I don't really consider him dominating. Carlos Delgado was the second biggest aquisition IMO. The Mets needed a big bat to protect and support David Wright in the lineup. They got it in the form of Delgado. His defense is less than stellar, but the Hr's and clutch base hits will surely make up for that.

Other small or medium deals such as the Seo deal was very good IMO. Seo was comming off a stellar second half of 2005. His value was as high as it could have gotten. Omar did a good job in getting rid of him. Duaner Sanchez seems like an arm that can be domminant at times. I haven't seen him pitch much, but I think he will be a big time arm to set up Wagner. The Benson deal, not many people liked. I have kind of mixed feelings about it. Benson was a mediocre pitcher at best. His salary is too much for how well (or not well) he pitches. The problem with this deal was with Benson, the Mets would have insrance in the starting pitchier deparment. With his departure, the Mets have exactly 5 starters, but many of them have question marks. I won't get into them, but alot of people feel unsafe now with the rotation. Some good signings were for Chad Bradford and reupping Ramon Castro.

Well season is right around the corner. Spring training can't come soon enough. There are alot of players that I certainly wish are in the lineup at the start of the season and do well in spring training so they do get a chance to play. Namely Brian Bannister. if he can do well enough to make the roster or even make it in mid-season, the starting rotation wouldn't look as grim. I also hope that Pelfry can adjust to the minor leagues and have a good AAA stint in the near future so he can be ready if not the end of the year, close to around next year's season opener. Another concern is Phil Humber. His recovery period won't end until mid-late this season so one can only hope he can still throw the ball effectively in the minor leagues.

Another person alot of Met fans hope get the callup sometime this year is Lastings Milledge. Let me tell you, I'm not to keen on Lastings Milledge. If things go my way, he'd already be shipped out to Oakland for Barry Zito. Prospects don't really mean much to me especially if you can trade that prospect for someone of Zito's calibur. Zito would help the rotation tremendously and he is only nearing his late 20's with a Cy Young under his belt. Not to mention him reuniting with Peterson (who is overated BTW).

The team as it looks now give me alittle concern. Here's how it probably will look opening day:

SS Jose Reyes
2B Kaz Matsui
3B David Wright
1B Carlos Delgado
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Cliff Floyd
LF Xavior Nady/Victor Diaz
C Paul Lo Duca

SP Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, Steve Trachsel, Victor Zambrano, Aaron Heilman

RP Billy Wagner, Duaner Sanchez, Jorge Julio, Chad Bradford, Juan Padilla, Heath Bell and maybe another minor league arm.

Bench Jose Valentin, Chris Woodward, Julio Franco, Ramon Castro, Xavior Nady/Victor Diaz.

Obviously the SP is my biggest concern at the moment. I'm not really afraid of how they will perform, I'm more afraid of the innings they will not get. Pedro can probably get a CG or 2 during the season. Other times he will go 6 innings or 7 at most. Glavine is shot at 40 and probably can't go more than 7. Trachsel is probably the one that can go the deepest. Maybe a few 8 inning games. Zambrano will walk the park so about the 5th inning, he'll have over 100 pitches. Heilman.....don't know what Heilman is about in terms of innings. This is why it is imperative that Omar goes out and gets a Barry Zito if not before opening day, around mid season. The arms will get tired and the playoff run will be in dire straits toward September.

My mets season record prediction: 89-73

Probably a Wild Card berth at best. THis is a very good team, but until the Braves have been knocked off, I cannot count them out, no matter how bad their team looks.

Big News!

Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:51 am

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Sun Dec 25, 2005 2:22 am

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It's finaly break time! I finished my last final on Thursday and I came home early Friday morning. Since I;m moving out and never seeing that douche again(hopefully), I had to move everthing out of my room. It was tough, but I handled it. Now that I'm home I hope to have some fun before I have to go back for next semester.


I dunno I was watcing this music award show(I think) and caught the artist of the year award right as I flipped to it. To my surprise, the Goo Goo Dolls won it. Now nothng against the Goo Goo Dolls, I like them alot and all, but I haven't heard a single good song from them this year. It's like WTF? When did they make an album this year? Personally I would have went with 3 Doors Down for their album "Seventeen Days". Really good album I would recommend it.

Ok I was going to go buy some stuff at Best Buy during Christmas Eve Eve, and the place was packed as fuck. I wanted to get a memory upgrade for my new laptop, and after about a half hour of searching and talking to an idiot Geek Squad employee, he finally gave recommended me a RAM card for my laptop. I was lookng for a 512 upgrade card, insead he gives me a 1g and tells me they are out of 512s. Oh wait that 1g costs 150+ and I see a 512 that costs 20+ made by a different manufacturer. I'm like wtf why is that more expensive. He's like "I dunno". Fucking Geek Squad are a bunch of morons. Needless to say I didn't buy the RAM. I'm going to try my luck online instead.

One thing that caught my eye was that all iPods(yes even Shuffle) were sold out. I'm like Jesus Christ. One guy wanted to buy one for his nephew or something and asked the guy if they had anymore. Before I heard his answer I was almost busting out laughing. Yea its 2 days before Xmas and you're looking for one of the hottest items this year? Are you a fucking moron? I had half a mind to go and bitch slap him, but being the god samaritan I am, I held back and instead am typing about it in my blog. Go figure. I did end up getting a PSP game, PoPoLoCrois which I am currently playing. I just started, but it seems to be pretty fun. It's like a mix between Breath of Fire 3 and Rhapsody. Playing it on my PSP makes me feel like PSP is definetely underutilized gamewise. There needs to be more PSX ports on the system.

My room is so fucking messed up now. My dad sleeps in my room while I'm at the dorms and he basicaly makes it his personal gabage bin. I need to clean this place up within the next 3 weeks. I also have to unpack some of this shit I probably won't be bringing back next semester. I'm going to try to go lighter next semester.

So me and my family went to a late dinner last night outside with my sister, brother-in-law, uncle, and aunt, and the service sucked. Granted of course it was Christmas Eve Eve, and packed like a bitch, the service was still bad even knowing that situaton. We went to Applebees which my family likes to go to alot cause of the half off appetizers after 10 and cheap beer to celbrate my sister's birthday (Dec 21). We got our appetizers like a half hour after ordering them and entrees about another half after that. Ridiculous considering the fact that all I ate that day was some rice and soup and the fact I had to carry all my shit from the dorm to my car and back to my house. I was dead fucking tired and it was a bitch not to eat anything. Even after the entrees came out, IT WAS FUCKING COLD. Goddamit I was pissed, but there wasn't realy much I could do. It's like yea I'll eat this shit, but only cause I'm fucking hungry and there really isn't anything I can do about it anyway. Worst. Service. Ever. I will go cry more thank you very much.

Other Stuff

Well Ifinished watching the TVB series "The Academy" starring Ron Ng about a week ago. It was a very god show as I couldn't stop watching from start to finish. It's about these kids from Hong Kong who enroll into a Police academy for each of their own reasons. the show goes on from there with alot of twists and turns happening in each of their everyday lives. They have to cope with that as well as the hard training at the academy. The ending was very very good. Usually I don't like most TV show endings, but the ending was definetely top notch. it was also one of the saddest show I have ever seen in my life. I could not stop crying(stfu). I'm human after and if anyone didn't cry even a little at the ending, then you have no soul.

Oh yea I got a ticket a ouple of weeks ago for speeding. My firs ticket. Friggin sucks. I have to go to court and hopefully at least get those points taken off my record. The fine is pretty hefty since I was driving like 80 on a 55. Pretty funny actually since everyone else was driving 80 and yet I'm the one who got caught. Wasn't my day I guess.

Anyway Happy New Years everone and don't forget Chinese New Year on the 29th of January!

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