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Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:31 pm

[  Mood: working ]
[ Listening to a tune on call waiting - im trying to call my crap broadband Currently: Listening to a tune on call waiting - im trying to call my crap broadband ]
Ok lets see what have I missed in my blog. Barry's boat party, spoonie nights, reading festival, and loads of other adventures too Sad Writing blogs are quite difficult, which is why I copuld never keep a diary

Er... I suppose I should comment on France > It was great. The best thing about the holiday was the fact that I missed my flight to Carcarsonne. Ok, it sounds that should've been a bad thing but it wasn't let me explain....

Ok my flight from Stanstead was at 11.10am So I thought if I wake up about 6.30, leave at 7.30am, I'd probably arrive at Stanstead at around 9.30 and have plenty of time before I leave. I packed everything in a stack taht night, ready for the next morning. I was up quite late ironing, and getting stuff ready. Now I dont know exactly how this happened, but at some point I packed away the iron and fell asleep. The only thing I can remember is ironing watching tv, then waking up at 7.30am in the morning. Ok, this completely ruined my plan, but I thought "only 7.30am I can still make it!"

Well, luckily I packed everything out the night before I crammed it all into my rucksack. The last thing I went to grab was my piece of paper with the airline and flight details on it. Unfortunately as I went to grab it, it slipped out of my fingers and behind my computer desk. Now this is the only place in my room that is difficult to get to (would take about 15mins in all to get it... moving things about etc..), but I thought this isn't that important I can just use the code I transferred to my phone earlier (see guys can plan ahead) anyway when I get to the airport, with about 55mins left, I realise I cant remember which airline I booked with (all I wrote down on my phone was the ticket number). So I start queuing in the easy jet line. After 30mins queuing there I get to the front only for them to tell me that they don’t fly to Carcosonne. I then realise I must of booked it through ryanair. I run to them as quick as I can but cant see my destination. I ask a women and she says that my check in closed just 4mins ago. She tries to get me on but cant. :-(

Any then I go to the ticket place for a refund or replacement. They say that there are no other flights going to carcosonne that day, but could return tommorow. I definitely wasn’t up for that so instead chose to fly to Pepignon instead (closer than London but still very far away). Anyway I then have a little adventure travelling from pepignon to my friends house in carcosonne. I really cant be bothered to write it out now but it was funny so here are athe highlights…

- Forced to speak French,
- Made friends with an English speaking French girl who helped me out
- Ate at a lovely Patisserie
- Book a train ticket speaking only in French
- Jumped on an earlier train because my booke d train was arriving sooo late
- Sat in the seats of the French people who had book the train I jumped on then proceeded to play dumb when they complained to me in French (it was actually really funny, they thought I generally made a mistake in the end)
-Chatted to a drunken French guy
-Got a French guy to buy me a Mcdonalds while I waited for my friends to pick me up. (I know eatiung mcdonalds is not very French, but it is if a French guy buys it for you )

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IN the airport off to france

Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:05 pm

[  Mood: excited ]
[ Currently: running to boarding gate ]
Thought I quickly post this as I fell asleep last nite. 50p gave me five minutes internet acess boo

Anyway ill be in france for a week. Mr. Green

Laters :frank

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New template!

Sun Aug 14, 2005 4:56 pm

[  Mood: satisfied ]
[ Watching ITV news Currently: Watching ITV news ]
Been an absolutely mad week. I went to some outdoor cinema in the national theatre on friday night. It was good but I was too tired. Barry's birthday was fantastic (what I can remember of it that is) and I've got around to updating the blog templates. I think this one is better. I can install a really girly them if you guys want. just let me know! Mr. Green

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SquareGamer Distraction

Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:29 am

[  Mood: Enraged ]
[ Currently: Posting on Squaregamer, avoiding work I'm supposed to be doi ]
I'm beginning to see a pattern immerging here. I get home, have loads of tasks, projects and things to do. I quickly look at squaregamer and reply to a few post... the next thing I know its 2.30am in the morning and I havent done anything else but post. Further more I find myself posting a blog about how I haven't got anything done because of SG.

Oh well there's always tomorrow I guess Sad

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Terror Club - Spoonies

Thu Aug 04, 2005 8:26 pm

[  Mood: Energetic ]
[ Reading The Life of Pi Currently: Reading The Life of Pi ]
Just come back from thursday curry club with Damien, (or terror club as we now call it since it keeps on getting cancelled when London gets blown up). Gonna make a spoonies appreciation site with Damien for all the whetherspoons fanatics out there. Loads of plans for it, but will post them later as some may or may not happen (and some are a secret). Anyway time to get to it I suppose! Mr. Green

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