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 Happy 21st, SG!
Posted: Damien @ Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:08 am
SquareGamer is now TWENTY ONE (21) years old! That's old enough to get legally get drunk in the US!

Big thanks to everybody that's helped make this site what it is over the years, and indeed, everybody who's still around. It would have been hard to believe that back during SG World in 2001, this site would eventually grow older than most of us were at the time

Happy 21st SG and here's to however many years are still left to come! Cheerleader

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 SG 20th Anniversary Day - July 20th
Posted: Grey Fox @ Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:45 pm
Well well well, it seems it's been a cool 20 years of Square Gamer. The early years were a pretty crazy ride for me personally, and I'm sure for a lot of you all as well. We've made some life long friends, members have gotten engaged, married, had little SG babies, and I think we've got some good divorces on the books as well. I know many of you in real life. Some of our friends have passed to the next life but live on in some great stories and memories. The fact that some of us are still here long after our original reasons for being here have long faded is a testament to how strong a community we built.

July 20th lets have the biggest SG Day ever, where we post like the old days, refreshing every couple of minutes to keep up with the discussion. Let any members you know that haven't been around lately to stop by for a spammin good time. ruroken Here's to 20 years of SG!

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